Zombie Hearts For All

Call me Zombie, Im 19
I like zombies, mermaids, Maid cafes, bowties, and penguins. Im a slytherin, whovian, I live in one of the most beautiful states, I like to pretend to be a hipster model, I like exploring my city, I like walking and finding new places to explore.
Sometimes I post borderline nsfw things.
Hangin with my precious!!

Hangin with my precious!!


"The other day acompletely shocking thinghappened. A man whowanted to ask me out for adrink actually phoned merather than texting. Actually asked me how I was, actu-ally was bold enough to havea proper conversation withme rather than giving myinstagrams the thumbs upas a flirtation device.Whatever next?”
More on my instagram: @kaitlynscarcella


"The other day a
completely shocking thing
happened. A man who
wanted to ask me out for a
drink actually phoned me
rather than texting. Actually 
asked me how I was, actu-
ally was bold enough to have
a proper conversation with
me rather than giving my
instagrams the thumbs up
as a flirtation device.
Whatever next?”

More on my instagram: @kaitlynscarcella

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please watch this video of my brother

such an important video

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